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Welcome to our company Guangzhou kisda Auto Parts Co, Ltd.

Our yearly production has been over 50,000,000 pcs with the Japan,American and Germany equipments’ instructions . For the accuracy testing equipments and the AUTO-production equipments are all from Germany.

We mainly deal in these products: common rail spare parts,fuel injector nozzle, fuel injector, common rail control valves,auto sensors,auto switch,common rail injector (Bosch injector, Delphi injector, Denso injecor, Etc), Delphi control valve (9308-621C, 9308-622B, 9308-618C) , BOSCH control valve, common rail fuel pump, injection pump, common rail spare parts, pencil nozzle,rotor head, element/plunger, delivery valve, repair kits. etc.

The fuel injection system parts products’ range are from S-Type, P-Type, SD-Type, PND-Type, Common Rail type. We also help our customer to match the Plungers, Delivery Valves, Repair Kits, VE Pump and some other accessories like Head Rotor, Feed Pump, Cam Disk, Drive Shaft, Magnetic Valves. Presently, our markets are mainly in Russia, America, Poland, South east Asia, East European, Mid-east, and South America countries. In China domastic market, we mainly matched the fuel system parts to more than 10 biggest diesel engine factories.

Until now, we have been forcused on the new designing and matching the fuel system parts for you consistently.

Our quality guaranteee is we . Warmly welcome to your visit !

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Address: #810 Congyun Rd, Baiyun District , Guangzhou
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